Our Mission

Constantly improving, always moving forward and combining our superior knowledge, experience and technological advantages in order to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients without compromising quality standards and our ethical values. Building long lasting partnerships with our clients and suppliers. Encouraging and supporting our employees. Creating opportunities and adding value to our industry and our country.

Our Vision

To be the preferred global brand offering customer-oriented service approach while providing added value to our customers and our employees and being a leader in reliability, product selection and technology while always being environmentally conscious.

Our Principles

Creativity and Innovation; always at the forefront in order to create added value to our customers.
Leader; having a foresight, investing, being forward and decisive to be a leader company in the industry
Trust; Always honest to our clients, our employees and our investors
Quality; Respectful of the environment and people, manufacturing with a philosophy of “complete quality”
Customer-oriented; Always keeping the satisfaction and expectations of our clients ahead, providing better service than our competitors
Competitive; To increase our competitive edge through human resources and corporate governance principles
Technology; Always staying one step ahead of the technological advances in the manufacturing sector.

Innova Jewellery is a family business that has been in operation in the jewelry trade for 50 years. Today, the company has positioned itself to transition into the hands of future generations,  through the experience and knowledge gained by the Ozkok Family over the years. Under the leadership of second-generation family member Can Ozkok, the company intends to continue its business and build an everlasting name within the industry as Innova Jewellery.


Emircan was founded by Can Ozkok in 1983 as a retail store at “heart of gold” Grand Bazaar. After 14 years of retail experience, Emircan shifted its focus to wholesale. After changing the area of operation from retail to wholesale, through proper use of its industry knowledge and capital, the company experienced immense growth, and in 1999, Emircan started manufacturing its own line of jewelry under Innova brand name.


As a brand that follows technological advancements closely, Innova Jewellery started using "Electroform", the latest manufacturing technology method in 2006. Under the brand name Innova, the company carved a great market share for itself through its wide selection of products as well as its modern and high quality production, surpassing its competitors and becoming one of the leading companies both in domestic and the global markets. Innova Jewellery will continue its consistent growth and be a synonym for innovation.



Manufacturing Facilities

Following its growth under Innova Brand and parallel to its goal of increasing manufacturing and sales capabilities, the company has moved its production force to Kuyumcukent in 2007. Environmentally conscious and technologically advanced, Kuyumcukent is known for being one of the premier jewelry manufacturing complexes in the world. Innova jewellery continues its production inside a fully equipped, 2500 square meter facility using the most modern and technologically advanced methods available.

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